Covid-19 Information

Health is our Priority

During this difficult time, Villa Maria prioritized the health and safety of its guests. Since the beginning of 2020, we have taken comprehensive measures to meet our promises of a safer and Covid-free environment, while staying constantly informed about new safety and travel measures. To make this possible, we implemented the policy "Health is our Priority", which will take care of all the hygiene needs of our visitors without making their experience in Sarti any less promising!


Safety Measures

The following apply to all of our guests in Villa Maria

■ Every visitor must fill in the special PLF (Passenger Location Form) no later than 23:59 of the day before arriving in Greece. Find the relevant form here

■ The traveler must ensure that they have some form of health certification, either with a PCR diagnostic test from a laboratory no later than 72 hours before entering the country, or with a Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

“Health is our Priority” Protocol

■ Frequent disinfection of all technological equipment upon check-in

■ Sanitization & antiseptics in every room. 

■ Fresh air ventilation of all indoor, public spaces.

■ Regular cleaning of all multi-contact points, such as buttons and

■ Cleaning & disinfection of all A/C

■  Compliance with national Health & Safety protocols

■ In case of emergency, call +306942624726
Tsamouris Leontios